Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan is an American furniture designer and one of the early pioneers of modern design. He was inducted in the Interior Designer Hall of Fame in 2009, 62 years after he started designing and producing furniture.

His Midcentury modern furniture with "Sinuous wooden frame characteristics" has a modern feel making it relevant for times to come. His style, inspired by everything from antiques and nature to the Bauhaus, emphasizes comfort and functionality. Vladimir Kagan creates his designs with upholstery, wrought iron, cast aluminum and especially organically sculpted wood in works that became hallmarks of his career. Kagan introduces his first signature furniture collection called 'Tri-symmetric' in 1949.                                    A passion for architecture and sculpting is evident in his latest collections of strong contemporary and uniquely modern furniture. Kagan's designs are timeless and are now considered classics coveted by collectors for their originality and fine craftsmanship. Today, his creations are on the cutting edge of the 21st century. His work is spearheading creative designs for hotels, furniture, textiles and home furnishings. 

In April 2016, Kagan died due to a heart attack.

Vladimir Kagan cloud Sofa

Pair of Vladimir Kagan Swivel Chairs

Large Kagan For- Preview Sectional                Bilbao Sofa